Chief Executive Officer

Darius Moser has made a name for himself in the property market over the course of his career. His roots in banking formed the foundation on which he built his deep and extensive understanding of the property sector. Every project he manages benefits from his diligence and knowledge.

Some aspects that Mr Moser emphasises:


Complex projects: From the beginning of a sales project to handing over the keys – Mr Moser ensures that everything runs smoothly and always has his clients’ needs in mind.

Financial expertise: With his experience in the banking sector, he offers well-founded advice that goes beyond the simple sale of property.

Commitment: Every project, whether large or small, is treated with the same attention and ambition.

Customised service: He has the ability to respond to individual requirements and offer suitable solutions, especially when it comes to demanding service requests.

If you are looking for a competent partner in the property sector, a conversation with Mr Moser is an ideal starting point. Discover a professional who focuses not only on the sale, but also on the true value of each property.

At Mandar Immobilien AG, you are more than just a name in our database.

You are a valued partner who deserves the best the property industry has to offer. And as such, you can expect not only to be served, but to be treated with favour.