Mandar Immobilien AG, a family-run business from the heart of Switzerland, embodies a legacy of integrity, commitment and excellence. Since our founding, we have dedicated ourselves to the art and science of providing first-class property services. Our mission goes beyond simple business goals; it is anchored in our legacy and family tradition.

Our vision

Our vision is not just to fulfil current standards, it is to consistently outperform them in every single project, in every single interaction, in every single moment. Our philosophy is based on a combination of sustainable thinking, unwavering discretion and goal-orientated action. These core principles enable us to create real added value for our clients – added value that is unique in the industry.

At Mandar Immobilien AG, you are more than just a name in our database. You are a valued partner who deserves the best the property industry has to offer. And as such, you can expect not only to be served, but to be treated as a priority. Every client, large or small, is treated with the same care and precision that is the foundation of our unrivalled reputation in the property world. In an industry that is constantly growing and changing, Mandar Immobilien AG stands as a symbol of consistency, trust and unmatched professionalism. We invite you to experience the most competent service in the property sector – a promise that will be fulfilled at every stage of your experience with us.

As a family-run company from Switzerland, Mandar Immobilien AG understands the value of premium property investments. Our approach is selective and precise. While many in the property market strive for quantity, we focus on quality. We have made it our mission to work with a select clientele – major investors, individuals, families and experienced investors. Our clients prioritise quality and a first-class investment experience. We understand the importance behind every investment: be it a significant capital investment or the search for the perfect residence. Our services are not for everyone – they are reserved for those who seek and value exclusivity. This approach ensures that our clients invest not just in property, but in experiences that meet their high expectations.

Mandar Immobilien AG – Tailor-made property solutions

Our key competences include:

  • Property sales on a broker service
  • Investment consulting
  • Portfolio valuation and restructuring
  • Onboarding of foreign clients
  • Investment advice for foreign clients
  • Welcome Package Switzerland
  • Further services

Every client receives a customised service that is specifically tailored to their individual needs and ambitions. It is this focus on detail and in-depth market knowledge that sets Mandar Immobilien AG apart from others.

At Mandar Immobilien AG, everything focuses on specialisation. Our expertise therefore also focuses on liquidity placements and the onboarding of foreign investors wishing to enter the Swiss market. However, this goes far beyond simple transactions. Each client benefits from a personalised approach tailored to their specific requirements and aspirations.

Trust in discretion – we are happy to be there for you

Mandar Immobilien AG is not only a leading name in the Swiss real estate market; we are also your trusted partner for exclusive and specialised services. Our family-run company based in Switzerland combines tradition and innovation to offer our clients a first-class service.