About us

Mandar Immobilien AG, a reputable family-run company from the heart of Switzerland, stands for tradition, integrity and innovation in the property sector. We have been deeply rooted in the Swiss property landscape for generations. This historical connection has taught us a deep understanding of our clients and an unrivalled knowledge of the market.

  • In-depth client and practical experience: Through decades of working in the property market, we have built up unrivalled practical experience that enables us to understand the nuances of each deal and offer tailored solutions.
  • Ambition & Pride: We take pride in our work and always strive to go above and beyond expectations. This ambition drives us to constantly evolve and provide the best service in the market.
  • Commitment to the customer: Every client is unique to us and we recognise the responsibility that comes with managing and advising on property investments.
  • Youthful energy meets seasoned expertise: Our team, a synergistic mix of young talent and industry veterans, ensures that we remain innovative while utilising proven strategies and techniques.

The Executive Board of Mandar Immobilien AG

Darius Moser

Chief Executive Officer

Darius Moser has built a name for himself in the property market over the course of his career. His roots in banking formed the foundation on which he built his deep and extensive understanding of the property sector. Every project he manages benefits from his diligence and knowledge.

Manuela Bünger-Blum

President Board of Directors

Experience meets integrity in the property sector – Manuela Bünger Blum has developed impressive know-how through years of work in the fiduciary, controlling and property sectors. Her speciality – sales and consulting – are evidence of her wide-ranging expertise.

With passion, expertise and a relentless pursuit of excellence, we are committed to ensuring that our clients are not only satisfied, but also inspired by the results we achieve together. At Mandar Immobilien AG, you will find a fusion of traditional values and modern expertise – your reliable partner in all property matters.

At Mandar Immobilien AG, you are more than just a name in our database.

You are a valued partner who deserves the best the property industry has to offer. And as such, you can expect not only to be served, but to be treated preferentially.